Concrete Walls For Any Type: Residential or Commercial Area

For quite some years, residents of Murfreesboro, TN have relied upon the team of professional contractors at Murfreesboro Custom Concrete Experts for retaining walls repair, installation, and replacement. We are a team of experts well versed with the diverse use of concrete and can help with its application in commercial and residential areas.

Retaining Walls Murfreesboro TN

Retaining walls serve diverse purposes, but one of the primary reasons why individuals have it installed on their property is to prevent erosion and soil runoff. At Concrete by Design, Murfreesboro, we help with the installation of retaining walls to help clients increase the functional space of their property. Most likely places you are bound to see our works extend from patios, driveways, and sidewalks among others.

All our retaining walls are built with drainage and appropriate soil reinforcement system. There are also specific Murfreesboro building laws and codes that need to be met during the installation of a retaining wall, and as such, we make use of our licensed engineers to design the wall according to these specifications

Contractor Assurances

When you contract our services for your retaining wall, you get:

  • A concrete contractor with liability insurance
  • A design plan and a sketch of the project
  • Building permits from the city council
  • Warranty
  • Design consultations
  • Construction and engineering

Types of Wall

Retaining walls are of different types. You can have one built with timber and cross tie but, it is essential that you know these won’t last. Over time, the timber will start to rot, and new ones will have to be used so that the strength of the wall is not affected.

However, with the case of concrete, you do not have to worry about rot and buying expensive timber to replace it. A retaining wall made of concrete is versatile, durable, reliable, attractive and functional. The pavement of now is different from the old and boring grayish looking floor material you once knew.

Thanks to innovation, we are able to texture, pattern, stamp and stain concrete to meet your needs. Want a retaining wall with a brick or flagstone like the look but don’t want to use those materials? Don’t worry we have it covered. We are confident of our concrete skills and will ensure that your requirements are met.


A retaining wall on your property can help to increase the usable space on your property and also improve its structure. As professional concrete contractors, we can help you construct a retaining wall on your sidewalk, stairs or driveway. For property owners seeking more outdoor space, our retaining wall service will help provide an attractive yet functional solution to sloped and uneven terrains.

Contact Us

Need more information on the retaining wall solutions or other services like crack & joint repairs we offer at Murfreesboro Custom Concrete Experts, TN apart from stairways, parking lots, driveways, and landscapes? The call us today at (615) 713-1141 to get a quote. We offer free consultations and give the most accurate cost estimate for your projects. No hidden charges!

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